Places to visit

  • Places to visit 7
    Montefiore Conca
    The Fortress of the Eternal Lovers

    Immerse yourself into the enchanted atmosphere of the Borgo and visit the Rocca which was the setting for the love story of a young girl, Costanza Malatesta, for her knight, Ormanno in 14th century Romagna. During the candlelight evenings you will relive the experience of an ancient past among the mysteries of the Rocca.

    Distance by car from the Castle of Montegridolfo 25 min.

  • Places to visit 8
    The Fortress of Gradara and the story of Paolo and Francesca

    "The noble heart opens naturally to love" wrote Dante Alighieri in the 5th canto of the Inferno of the Divine Comedy, with verses that have made the love story of the two lovers at the end of the 13th century immortal. Every year, many couples visit the Castle, attracted by the romantic and ill-fated story of Paolo and Francesca. In particular, do not miss a visit to Francesca's room, the most evocative place in the Rocca, capable of touching anyone's heart. The Rocca di Gradara is open all year round and during the summer evenings you can immerse yourself in a timeless atmosphere.

    Distance by car from Montegridolfo Castle 30 min.

  • Places to visit 9
    Cradle of the Renaissance

    A city of immense historical and artistic richness, which in 1998 was recognised by UNESCO as the "cradle of the Renaissance", becoming part of the World Heritage List. The city was the birthplace of Duke Federico di Montefeltro and the famous painter Raffaello Sanzio. Spend a couple of hours strolling through the streets of the historic centre and you will be fascinated by the suggestive views at every step. Don't miss a visit to the Ducal Palace.

    Distance by car from Montegridolfo Castle 30 min.

  • Places to visit 10
    San Bartolo Natural Park
    Magical sunset at the sea

    Have fun discovering the natural beauties of the San Bartolo Park surrounded by a postcard-perfect panorama and enjoy the scent of the vegetation. This is the perfect place to go on long excursions surrounded by peace and quiet and total relaxation. During the summer evenings you can stay here until sunset, an unforgettable experience.

    Distance by car from Montegridolfo Castle 35 min.

  • Places to visit 11
    The Onferno Caves
    Nature Reserve
    A wild environment waiting to be discovered

    With the help of an expert and passionate guide, you will have the opportunity to explore the inside of the caves armed with a helmet and torch. The karstic complex of the Onferno Caves, known since the 19th century, is considered one of the most important chalk caves in Italy.

    Distance by car from Montegridolfo Castle 40 min.

  • Places to visit 12
    San Leo
    The Alchemist Count Cagliostro

    We invite you to visit the fortress of San Leo, an enigmatic structure rich in history, where at the end of the 18th century an exceptional prisoner spent the last days of his life: Count Cagliostro. This figure, shrouded in mystery, is described in the chronicles of the time as a skilful swindler, founder of a Masonic lodge and fake alchemist. He had convinced many people of his ability to turn lead into gold. This figure remains controversial to this day. The Count found himself in a diplomatic incident that even tarnished the name of Queen Marie Antoinette.

    Distance by car from Montegridolfo Castle 1 hour.

  • Places to visit 13
    San Marino
    The oldest Republic in Europe

    The Republic, traditionally founded in 301 AD, with its historic centre and Mount Titano, has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. From the top of Mount Titano you can see the three fortresses connected by walls and walkways from where you can enjoy a splendid panorama. The town also offers many opportunities for outdoor tourism, trekking, hiking and climbing.

    Distance by car from Montegridolfo Castle 1 hour.

  • Places to visit 14
    Malatesta Fortress

    Come and discover the "Rocca dei Malatesta" or "Rocca del Sasso", which owes its name to the position in which it is located, at the top of the rocky spur that dominates the town and the surrounding area. This village has managed to keep intact its charm, rich in historical and naturalistic excellences.

    Distance by car from the Castle of Montegridolfo 1 hour.