Local Attractions

  • Local Attractions 5
    Picnic Box

    Book a gourmet basket and enjoy a moment of relaxation surrounded by the nature of Montegridolfo Castle.

    Discover the authentic flavors of our gastronomic selection while marveling at the breathtaking panorama of the medieval village. Treat yourself to an outdoor break, away from the daily hustle and bustle, and experience the perfect blend of taste and nature in a unique and enchanting environment. Book your Picnic Box now for just €20 per person!

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    Romantic Getaway

    Give a romantic surprise to your sweetheart!

    Surprise your partner with an unforgettable experience at Palazzo Viviani! Our special surprise package will allow you to create a romantic and magical moment to share together. Enjoy the special room setup, elegant local bubbly, and a delicious cake for two, all at the exclusive price of €40.

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    Bike Tours

    Castello di Montegridolfo is located on the border between Romagna and Marche, nestled on green hills sloping down to the Adriatic Sea. The Borgo dominates a scenic landscape characterized by isolated towers, fortresses, ancient parish churches and small towns.

    Explore the breathtaking beauty of Romagna with our Bike Tours, discover the hidden secrets of our hills with our expert guide, and be enchanted by the region's rich culture and traditions. An unforgettable experience that will take you to experience Romagna like never before! This service is available upon request.

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    Museum of the Gothic Line

    It takes its name from the line of fortifications, set up on Hitler's orders along the left bank of the River Foglia, with which the Germans tried to hinder the Allies' ascent. The museum displays wartime memorabilia. On the walls of the museum, propaganda printed at the same time as the historical period, both of Italian- German and Allied production, are displayed. They are grouped according to a thematic criterion and described by appropriate captions that help the visitor to better understand the theme of war propaganda.

    The museum is located at the foot of the castle.

  • Local Attractions 9
    Mulino della Porta di Sotto

    At the “Mulino della Porta di Sotto” the Master Cheesemakers will welcome you and show you how Fossa cheese is made for thousands of years. You can also taste and buy the excellent local products.

    Distance by car from Montegridolfo Castle 10 min.

  • Local Attractions 10

    Italy's most famous water park has been entertaining millions of visitors for over 20 years. The secret of its success? It is not just an aquapark, but a real water city made up of rapids and wave pools where fun is guaranteed.

    Distance by car from Montegridolfo Castle 30 min.

  • Local Attractions 11
    Cattolica Aquarium

    A new way to get to know the sea and its inhabitants and be fascinated by the fish fauna and more. Have fun exploring this famous aquarium and its wonderful creatures.

    Distance by car from Montegridolfo Castle 30 min.

  • Local Attractions 12

    Oltremare in Riccione is a nature and technology theme park. Here you can meet dolphins, birds of prey and even become a trainer for a day. The various attractions will take you through a unique and exciting day.

    Distance by car from Montegridolfo Castle 30 min.

  • Local Attractions 13
    Italy in Miniature

    This theme park has just celebrated its fiftieth anniversary since it first opened and this is a sign of the affection of its public. In just one day you will see all the architectural and scenic wonders of Italy. In 1978, Italia in Miniatura was also one of the artistic subjects of the famous photographer Luigi Ghirri.

    Distance by car from Montegridolfo Castle 45 min.